Changes Regarding HP

I guess there has been some confusion about some things regarding the HP in the game. First off I had asked Edmund to reset the HP, we're trying to balance the game here. This means that I approved all these changes, and I think they are good ideas, they make the game more balance and give weaker players a better chance of moving up.

Here's what was done:
We took out the ability to buy permanent HP.
We reset everybody's HP.
We forced you to reallocate VE points.
We removed the gem vault along with the vitality option.

This means you now have to use VE points for perm HP. This makes it so you have to balance your stats, no more people with 50K HP who can't be touched, which makes using VE points for HP actually worth doing. Also, there are many other places for you to store your gems, the gem vault was one of the aspects of the site that was slowing it down. I do realize this also makes it more difficult for high VE players to move up in the world as they can't just go to the Dueling Club and kill everyone with lower stats than them anymore; they'll actually have to work at leveling up. But what about all those weaker players you were picking on who got discouraged by constantly losing? It's still likely the more experienced player will win but it's not as definite as it was before, meaning PvP is now more fair. I understand this makes the game a bit more difficult to play for these higher ranked players, but this is the best way to level the playing field, plus as the veteran players you should welcome a challenge, nothing in life worth having is easily earned.

If you have any suggestions or complaints please post them in the Suggestions Forum

Using this forum helps me better organize your concerns. Do not petition for help if you're going to voice a complaint or a suggestion. The site above is checked more regularly by me than the petitions. It's difficult to login here when I get a torrent of owls each time I just want to check up on what's going on and no I don't check my owls whenever I login so please be patient if I haven't replied to you yet.

Again, if you have any suggestions or complaints regarding changes made to the game do not owl or petition them post them in the Suggestions Forum
, which is the easiest way for me to organize and keep record of your input. Thanks.

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