PDA, Innuendos, and Fighting.

It seems that lately we have become very lack on the rule of PDA and innuendos. These rules that are normally ignored will not be anymore. No more of what has been happening will happen in public chat any longer. If you feel the need to do this then please stick to owls or ims. Because when you do those things in open chat it does offend. Before anyone asks what PDA is it is Public Display of Affection not a palm device...

Also there will be no verbal assaults or fighting in the chats. This is getting to a ridiculous point also. It is simple. You are caught arguing in open chat you get muted. You will be asked to stop once and that is it. After fighting for so many times you will end up banned. There is no excuse for these actions either. If you feel the need to argue and harass someone do it in owls or im. And if they have you blocked in owls. Leave them alone. Because they don't really care what you think of them then.

Now this will all take effect immediately. So please try not to start in with PDA, innuendos, and fighting otherwise you will just find yourself muted. Thank you.

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