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HL needs a new dedicated server!

We are going to be purchasing another dedicated server to speed up Hogwarts Live. Currently I am looking at two options. The first is to get a really powerful machine for a similar price as the current one. The second is to get another server similar to this one and use it to store the databases...

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Repeat Offenders *WILL* Be Prosecuted

Take a look at this message that was sent to the ISP of a repeat offender, (you do not want to break our rules):

To Whom It May Concern:

A person at this IP address: (Most recently:
Has been habitually harassing the staff and members of my website,...

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Rules and Points

As of today, Staff are allowed to dock points with no warningfor breaking the rules. If you break the rules, prepare to lose points for your House. This is not generally done. But this is how it was done in the books. Now bear in mind that it is the punishing staffers judgment on how many points...

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Here's the deal...

The NEXT person to threaten another player over a stupid RP family is going to be banned. On Facebook, Skype, Yahoo...wherever.

This has gone on far too long. This is a GAME. If you depend so much on a fake family to make yourself feel so important and badass, get...

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