Rules and Points

As of today, Staff are allowed to dock points with no warningfor breaking the rules. If you break the rules, prepare to lose points for your House. This is not generally done. But this is how it was done in the books. Now bear in mind that it is the punishing staffers judgment on how many points you will lose. Some staffers may not take away as many as others.
Here is a reminder of the rules for you all.

1. No circumventing/evading the foul language filter. If a word shows up as symbols (!@#$) then leave it alone; don't change the spelling of it or try to add you own symbols to it (***). This includes using foreign languages in chat; they are not allowed either.
3. No cheating. Trying to hack into the server, trying to crack other user's passwords, or otherwise doing something detrimental to the integrity or security of HL is strictly forbidden. Do not use scripts or bots to automate game tasks as they may burden the server. You must report any bugs or exploits you discover using the Petition for Help link. Failure to do so will result in a temp ban. Those who report bug abuse or means of doing so will receive a reward. A bug is a problem in the game code that permits you to gain an unfair advantage over other players, it is a form of cheating.
4. No Sexual Conduct. Again this is a reminder that this is a PG13 site. The use of offensive or sexually explicit language in chat and owls is not allowed. Do not use innuendos and do not name private body parts.
5. No excessive harassment of other players. Do not harass other players (ridicule is allowed to an extent). Please mind your attitude and language at all times. Be polite and have fun. Taunting opponents is fine as long as it is roleplayed, but personal attacks are not allowed. Personal attacks(bringing someones real life into it) and insulting remarks should be kept off the public channels such as the forums and the chats. It is preferable that you keep arguments off the site or ignore players that irritate you.
6. Drugs, Alcohol and other Bannable Subjects. Any reference to illegal drugs, alcohol use(other than site-related,) cutting, suicide or other forms of self-mutilation will not be tolerated. There is no need for any of that on this site. Walking off a cliff is NOT self mutilation, even though some have warned for it. Saying you want to die to get a New Day is not suicide talk either, mentioning that because I've seen it warned for before. Some of these acts though can get you perm muted. Any reference to rape is an instant ban. Also included in this rule is any controversial subject such as politics, religion, abortion, etc. If ANY subject is causing a disruption in chat, staff will stop it and mute those players that continue.
6. Spam. Spam is using more then 3 of the same character in a row, which generally we do not mute for, unless you do it over and over, and things such as "shsdfgesrhshsryery" are spam, which if you do we will mute you. Smilies are included in the no more then 3 rule. Do not advertise other websites or post useless or repetitive text. If you want to advertise your website, use the Link Exchange. If you are reported by several players with evidence that you are randomly owling them websites, you'll most likely be banned. Also included under spam is posting messenger addys in chats(email addresses also). If a friend wants them, owl it to them. All caps in one or two posts is FINE. Using it every post isn't.
7. Alternate characters (alts) are no longer allowed UNLESS it existed prior to August 2007. For those with an alt, they should not interact. Don't attack each other, talk to each other, place bounties on each other, or refer your own alts. That sort of cheating is just in bad taste. If you share a computer, Internet connection, or Network with another player we will assume there is only one person at the keyboard and you will be held responsible for all activity that originates from your account or IP address.
10. Personal Information. Your contact information is private. Posting your email, phone number, address etc. in a public chat is not only against the rules of the site but puts you at risk. If you wish to share this information with others on the site, please use Owls to do so.
In the end, listen to the admins and other staff, do not argue with them. If you have an issue with a staffer please Petition for Help so another Staffer can handle/look into it. If instead you decide to lash out at them, argue with them in chat or disregard their authority, you will be punished.

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Habitual cedric • Sunday, October 30, 2011 - 4:04pm • #1

you forgot a space between warning and for in the first paragraph. otherwise, very well said.

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