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Point Removal Regulations

Now if you see a staff remove more or give more then what is listed here either Owl Edmund, Myself, Bellatrix, LilyAnnKnight, or SpinalRemains, or feel free to petition it. Now when you owl or petition it you need to include in the chat where they removed or given points from the person and that...

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Rules and Points

As of today, Staff are allowed to dock points with no warningfor breaking the rules. If you break the rules, prepare to lose points for your House. This is not generally done. But this is how it was done in the books. Now bear in mind that it is the punishing staffers judgment on how many points...

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April is Autism awareness month.

In respect for my son and Autism awareness month here are some facts.
Facts about Autism

Did you know…
amp;1 in 150 children is diagnosed with autism (If this many kids were kidnapped then it would be a national emergency.amp;)
1 in 94 boys is on the autism spectrum...

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Dumblydore and Halloween

JKR has announced something about Dumbledore. If you want to read the article, it is the top article on

Any rude or hateful comments about this will not be tolerated.

On a brighter note I will be adding a Halloween gift sometime tonight. Niki

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HP has been removed from Cedrik and you can no longer buy or have extra hp. Have a nice day!

HOWEVER, Edmund has reset everyone's hp and reset everyone's ve points so they can be reallocated. He has also done this really neat mathematical equation so everyone actually has better...

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Staff List

amp;This is for the new players, for those of you who already know please bear with me. Someone with a & in front of their name is a moderator. Someone with a @ amp;in front of their name is either a Senior Moderator or Junior Admin. Someone with a !amp; in front of their...

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New Candy Raffle.

There is a new 2 day raffle. It gives you the chance to get your own forest creature. There will be two winners.
Good Luck!!

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!Edmund the Alchemist will be doing a server transfer tonight and Hogwartslive will be down for a little while. The issues from earlier today have been worked through. Have a good weekend.

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Repost of Witchys rules.

Here is a reminder of the site rules so no one has any excuse to not follow them. This is the version used by all Staff so please do not question if it is not in another part of the site.

Reasons for muting:

1. Fighting: I do not mean RP fighting, I mean verbal assaults. Violence is NOT muteable...

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Hippty Hoppty Easters on its way...

Happy Easter!! This weekend there is a special surprise for you somewhere around the site. Happy hunting!!

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