Repost of Witchys rules.

Here is a reminder of the site rules so no one has any excuse to not follow them. This is the version used by all Staff so please do not question if it is not in another part of the site.

Reasons for muting:

1. Fighting: I do not mean RP fighting, I mean verbal assaults. Violence is NOT muteable unless it is a REAL threat. Roleplaying fighting is not a threat.
2. Sex and PDA: Use your common sense we are a PG 13 site, half of the things done here should not be done.
3. Evading the Filter: If a word shows up as !@#$ when it posts, do NOT change it so others can read it. Using foreign languages in open chat is also considered evading. Don't do it.
4. Drugs, alcohol and other bannable subjects. Any reference to drug use, alcohol use other than site-related, cutting, suicide or other forms of self-mutilation will not be tolerated. There is no need for any of that on this site.
5. Rape: This will NOT happen on this site. This includes any references to rape.
6. SPAM: Ok here is the tuffy. We have said before that anything more then 3 characters is SPAM. But in all reality we do NOT mute for this. Only if the person is taking it to extremes as such.
!Dementor AuroraBorealis says, "dfkjlsdhgkjfkjghfmnvcm,vnfkghrouityerioutyjkgvnmc,vnfdj"
Get the point? Good.. However, please try to keep extra letters/symbols to a minimum. It CAN mess the page up for some players.
7. Link SPAM and Messenger addresses and emails: Some people post these things in open chats. They are not to be there. And no random owling of players to advertise other sites. We ban for that. This is why we have a link exchange. Please use it.
8. Advertising your clan in open chat: This is ok in the clan waiting place. But it has no place in Diagon or Hogwarts.
9. Personal Attacks: This is the offense that makes me angry, bringing someones personal life onto this site to attack them. Leave outside information outside.
10. Cheating and exploitation of glitches. If you find a glitch or bug in the game, please petition it. If you are caught telling other players of the glitch, you may be muted and/or banned.

In the end, listen to the admins and other staff, do not argue with them. If you have an issue with a staffer please Petition for Help so another Staffer can handle/look into it. If instead you decide to lash out of them or disregard their authority you will be punished. These rules are made so everyone can enjoy their time here on HL. Please abide by them so all players can have fun.

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