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Hogwarts Live on Twitter

amp;Hey if any of you are interested in promoting yourself, your brand, breaking news, or just keeping in touch please follow me on Twitter:
@ariadoss or

I'll follow anyone who follows me right back as long as you're not a spammer!

Still not interested?...

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Azkatraz Reminder

For those of you interested in attending Azkatraz, the Harry Potter Symposium, they have extended the $145 rate until April 15th, if you can come, think about it, it's going to be a lot of fun.

I, along with SerenityRose and MikeCrim will be hosting a panel discussion at the event on...

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Player Request

A longtime member of this site, AislingBlack, and her family would like to spread the word about her niece Mikyla.

Mikyla needs open heart surgery before she is 1 year old for two heart murmurs. She recently had the pinched aorta fixed but flat lined. They were able to revive this...

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New HBP Trailer!

Warner Bros. released a brand new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth film in the series.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

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New Easier to Remember Referral Links

If you're not already aware of this you can earn donator points by getting people to sign up for Hogwarts Live via your referral link. I've recently changed everyone's referral links to make them easier to remember. While the old referral links still work, it'd be nice if you...

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Sorry, about the downtime but as you see the site is back up now. We have some ideas to fix the crashes and we'll let you know what we're gonna do about it soon.

Thanks for your continued patience everyone!

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