Hogwarts Live on Twitter

Hey if any of you are interested in promoting yourself, your brand, breaking news, or just keeping in touch please follow me on Twitter:
@ariadoss or http://twitter.com/ariadoss

I'll follow anyone who follows me right back as long as you're not a spammer!

Still not interested? Here's 15 good reasons why you should join.

If you're my friend on here you can request to follow my private updates @danilosapad

Once you join be sure to learn how to use Twitter, here's a good mini-guide.

Also, Alchemist Edmund is on Twitter too @nickmoline so be sure to add him!

And finally, Hogwarts Live has a Twitter account as well, but it's not being updated just yet.
You can follow @hogwartslive though and we'll be sure to let you know when we start updating it.

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