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Site Working Again!

Again, sorry for the problems. I temporarily fixed the issue that Witchy mentioned, until Edmund has time to look into this, I'll try to make sure the site gets recovered faster if it goes down again. I'm currently under a lot of pressure from school, with midterms this week for my...

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The site is still experiencing problems. We are aware of it and are trying to correct them. While most people can log into the site, once they are in, they get a call stack error and are stuck. Petitioning to fix navs will not work as Staff is stuck too (and the fact that its not a navs issue...

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Site problems and code pages

We are well aware that there are problems with the site, and people are getting code pages, call stack error pages, and white screens. PLEASE stop petitioning about them. Thank you.

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Sorry, for the recent downtime the site crashed again, and Edmund was only able to recently get everything back up. Edmund also was able to move the database over to the new hard drive, which hopefully should speed up the site a little. Thanks for your patience. :)

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Earlier this afternoon, the site crashed again. Edmund did all he could to try to restore it, but the only way to get the site back up was to do a rollback. This means that all the data from the past day and a half or so is gone. We cannot restore stats because there is nothing to restore....

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Dumblydore and Halloween

JKR has announced something about Dumbledore. If you want to read the article, it is the top article on

Any rude or hateful comments about this will not be tolerated.

On a brighter note I will be adding a Halloween gift sometime tonight. Niki

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Site Lag and Some Warnings

I'm working on something that may potentially speed up the site right now on the code side of things, so please don't lose heart. You can expect it in a week or two depending on my schedule. On the hardware side I'll be purchasing an extra hardrive, if this speeds things up I'll...

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Live Chat

Live Chat is now back, it was temporarily disabled as an exercise because some people were suggesting that the slowness of the site was a direct result of the live chat module, by disabling live chat, that theory was proven wrong (as I knew it would)

Also, a reminder of the way things have been...

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Changes Regarding HP

I guess there has been some confusion about some things regarding the HP in the game. First off I had asked Edmund to reset the HP, we're trying to balance the game here. This means that I approved all these changes, and I think they are good ideas, they make the game more balance and give...

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Hate Mail 2006

I posted up the some choice petitions and owls I received in 2006 over at the Hogwarts Live Hate Mail Page.

If you guys think it's funny please do us a favor and Digg It.

EDIT: I fixed the Hate Mail page so you can access it even while you're logged in.

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Here is a reminder of the site rules so no one has any excuse to not follow them. This is the version used by all Staff so please do not question if it is not in another part of the site. And please be sure to read through them even if you think you already know what they are; something might...

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Clarification on Content and Word Usage

Just to clarify what IS and what is NOT allowed as far as content... NO sexual comments and NO innuendo. NONE. Doing either will get you a warning and depending on severity, a mute. No private body part naming. No kicking, pinching, hitting, licking, poking, tapping, touching, or ANY other verb...

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HP and Att/Def

Everyone needs to stop contacting Hailey regarding the problems with hp and attack/defense. As much as she would like to, she CANNOT fix it. EDMUND has to fix it. As I said before, he is aware of the problem and is handling it. I'm sorry if it's not fast enough for you all, but he DOES...

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HP has been removed from Cedrik and you can no longer buy or have extra hp. Have a nice day!

HOWEVER, Edmund has reset everyone's hp and reset everyone's ve points so they can be reallocated. He has also done this really neat mathematical equation so everyone actually has better...

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