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Live Chat is now back, it was temporarily disabled as an exercise because some people were suggesting that the slowness of the site was a direct result of the live chat module, by disabling live chat, that theory was proven wrong (as I knew it would)

Also, a reminder of the way things have been for over a year so people stop petitioning saying that the math on temp hp is wrong (because it is not).

Your current HP cannot exceed 50% more then your max HP. This means that if, for example, you have a max HP of 100, and you go and try to buy temp hp, the maximum temporary hp you will have when everything is said and done is 150.

There is no faulty logic that says if you give Cedrik 1000 gems at 5 gems per hp that you only get 50 hp. In fact, the change to cedrik that WAS put in place is that if you attempt to give Cedrik too many gems, he will actually give you back any excess (read the message, go to Cedrik, try to pay him 1000 gems for HP and you will almost undoubtedly get the following message:

You place 1000 gems on the counter. Cedrik realizes that you have asked him for far too much health, and graciously gives you some of the gems back. You drink the potion Aberforth hands you in exchange for your gems, and.....

Now the only problem that IS with this message, is that in one place it says Cedrick and another place says Aberforth. I shall fix this textual bug this weekend (and attempt to standardize everything at Aberforth).

Also be sure when you are doing this test to look at the number of gems you have both before and after, you'll see that you did not lose 1000 gems in the process.

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