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Do not share the passwords or clues

Ok, once again, do not share the passwords or clues from the podcast with anyone, if they want the clues they need to listen to the podcast themselves. If it is found out that you have shared the passwords or clue, the prize you received from the clues will be taken away from you and you will also...

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Our apologies for those who have had trouble getting to Devon, the portkey has been repaired, if you would please try again, you should be able to use your clues successfully.

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Inn Logout fixed

I have fixed the bug with logging out at the inn, because of this glitch cedric's potion sale will continue through Sunday Night to help anyone who has lost hitpoints because of this glitch.

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Logging out in the Inn

amp;Alot of players who log out in the inn are losing their hp. I am going to ask kindly that you do not log out in the inn until this bug is fixed. Now if you have already done so and lost hp that you have bought. We will be happy to replace it. But to make our (Witchy's and...

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There is no bug with Cedric

Ok, stop reporting bugs with Cedric, people have continually found ways around the hp cap with cedric and so therefore the new limitation has been put in place, Cedric will no longer sell you more max hit points then you are allowed to have, you are allowed to have 45 max hit points PER VE you...

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Purchased Max HP Problem

Hello everyone, I am sorry to announce that due to a glitch the record of all purchased maximum hp from Cedric in the Hog's Head has vanished. There is not an easy way to get them back, so after your next VE your max hp may reset back down to the maximum you had from other means...

To help...

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New Staffers

The new staff members have been decided. Please award them your congratulations. Questions regarding why you didn't make it will be ignored.


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Clan Founders

The Clan Founder is the person who has been in the clan the longest, this decision was made to minimize complaints as the staff has a logical and verifiable method of proving who should be the owner of a clan.

Do not send in petitions asking for the clan founder to be changed, if the person who...

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Clan updates

Ok I have now resolved some long standing problems with the clan system, first of all, when you create a new clan you will now be automatically marked as the Founder (eliminating the problem we've had for so long where the clans are Founderless), also, clan founders can now set the minimum...

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Attention all players... This is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry not Drinks, Sex and Drugs High School... So please do not talk about or preform the acts of either in the open chat areas... If you feel that you must talk about these subjects you are more than welcome to do so in...

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