Clan updates

Ok I have now resolved some long standing problems with the clan system, first of all, when you create a new clan you will now be automatically marked as the Founder (eliminating the problem we've had for so long where the clans are Founderless), also, clan founders can now set the minimum clanrank to stipend to their clan, rather then just toggling officer on and off, you can now set what the minimum rank is. This will allow clan founders to have more control over who can do what in a clan. Stay tuned for the ability to set other rank based options for your clan.

I urge all clan founders to go to their "Set Stipend Settings" in your clan vaults immediately to set this new option.

I have also written and run a quick script designed to fix all existing clans that did not have a founder. All clans should now have a founder.

For any clan that did not already have a founder the founder has been set to the person who has been in the clan the longest.

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