Clan Founders

The Clan Founder is the person who has been in the clan the longest, this decision was made to minimize complaints as the staff has a logical and verifiable method of proving who should be the owner of a clan.

Do not send in petitions asking for the clan founder to be changed, if the person who was automatically marked as the Clan Founder does not wish to be so, that person should leave the clan and rejoin and the clan founder will be reset to the person who has been in the clan the next longest tonight when I run my script again.

Again, do not send in petitons asking to be made Founder of your clan, we have no verifiable way of legitimately proving that you should be the owner of the clan other then your word and will not change the founder of a clan based purely on a request.

Also the next phase of editing the clan ranks system is complete, Clan Founders can now set a minimum rank to be allowed to Withdraw from the clan vault, this setting is located in the same place as the setting for who can stipend.

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