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In honor of the DVD Release

Ok, by now I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why I've pretty much spent the last 24 hours straight coding for HogwartsLive. I felt that in honor of the DVD Release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this week, I felt it was time to put some grunt work in on HogwartsLive for some...

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Gem Vaults/Friend Lists

As Edmund explained in his last MotD, the user_preferences tables are the reason for the site slowness/crashes. He has decided to reset these more frequently to help prevent this from happening.

As Gringott's gem vaults and friend lists are part of the user preferences, it has also been...

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Let there be SPEED!!!!!

Hello everyone, as you can see, the site is running insanely faster. The network issue at the colo seems to be finally resolved which has helped a lot.

I will work on bringing most of the modules back online this weekend, as well as a special new module that I hope you will all love.


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