Let there be SPEED!!!!!

Hello everyone, as you can see, the site is running insanely faster. The network issue at the colo seems to be finally resolved which has helped a lot.

I will work on bringing most of the modules back online this weekend, as well as a special new module that I hope you will all love.

More on that later, but to give you a tantalizing hint, it's a new way to compete with everyone else on the site in a very potterish way.

Because so many people can't understand this, I'm going to state it as simply as I can.

Everything except for the mounts, forest, weapons/armor and Professors was taken out of the game so Edmund could clean up the site and update things where necessary.

SOME of it has come back. SOME of it has NOT. SOME of it will NEVER come back. Just be patient and stop asking in chat about every single thing, please. As Edmund stated, he is still working on bringing things back.

CLAN VAULTS will NEVER come back. Save your gold in Gringott's and get over it.

Anything that was taken away from you, will NOT be given back to you.

You have to earn/buy it all back.

STOP asking about stuff in chat and just be patient. Do NOT petition to ask where your stuff is or when you're going to get it back. We will not answer you. Just go and play the game..


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