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T-Shirt Design Contest


1 Free T-Shirt (we will ship to anywhere in the world)
+20 HP, +10 Attack, +10 Defense
1,000,000 gold (deposited into account at Gringotts)
150 gems (deposited into account at Gringotts)
500 points (to be used in the Prefect's Lounge)

The other top 5 entries will all get discounted...

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Why do you play?

Please select the main reason why you play this game.

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How old are you?

Please help HL by answering this poll honestly!

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Job Openings for New Harry Potter site!

Please check out the for job openings relating to my new Harry Potter fan-site!

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Job Services

Okay, all of you who have applied for jobs and still haven't been accepted the problem is right now there is no automatic way to accept you so I have to do it manually and that would take way too much of my time. I'm going to edit the code later on so that I can approve all the...

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Myself and a couple other members of the staff will be on vacation this Christmas season. I personally will be absent from December 24 to January 4, but I will probably have chances to get online while I am in California. This is just a warning to let you know that your questions might be answered...

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Do we keep these three new modifications? Vote here and post your comments in the forums, suggestions to improve these functions will be appreciated!

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Mounts: Pets and Brooms

You can now click on the "Travel" link and visit "Gryffindor" and on the left side of your screen you will seen "Quality Quidditch" from which you can now purchase brooms from! There are ten choices now, but for people with higher VE's new brooms will be soon made...

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HL Preview

There is a thread in the "Hogwarts Live Forum" entitled "Changes" please post there what changes you don't like and which ones you think I should keep. Please don't post comments like "something makes the game too hard" give me a real reason to make something...

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How do you feel about the new changes to the game? There will be a lot more coming shortly. Brooms and Pets are on the way!

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