Backlog of petitions

I would just like to check that everyone who currently has an open petition still needs their problem fixed. The following people should owl me (ArchAuror Scellanis) if they can now log in properly and play the game without any errors:

Firstyeargirl Khradijah, Gladiatrix Aliana, Firstyeargirl coreyschic, Secondyeargirl KathrynHawk, Elphie and Nortney, Firstyeargirl hermione, Firstyeargirl harryrocksmysocks, Viscount leejordan and lastly Archtitaness FoxyStarr.

If I don't receive an owl from the player I will assume the problem is not fixed yet.

P.S. This does not mean everyone else gets to owl me directly with their problems. If you are stuck submit a detailed petition. If your friend is stuck then they should submit a detailed petition and you should get on with your game.

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