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The Jail

Should we keep the Jail or should it be changed to allow certain things to happen?

PS: I wanted to let you guys know that I fixed the Boy's and Girl's Dorms.

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The Future of Hogwarts Live

The beginning stages of my search engine optimization plan for Hogwarts Live have been completed. In the coming months HL will witness a new surge of players. This means that I will most likely have to purchase a new server, which will allow for a faster gaming experience for everyone. So keep...

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Google Wallet

Well, some people on this site obviously dislike donating through PayPal, so once the Google Wallet service is stable I'll be sure to incorporate that into this site.

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Pay attention to this message.

"All around, the place is quiet.. warily awaiting what will come. People await the next war... surreptitiously arming themselves.
The Oracles predict that the war will commence on or around June 27, 2005 Real World Time (RWT)."

What does this mean? A war is coming on June 27! DUH! Get...

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Congratulations snaggedmoon!

This is a bit past due, but I believe some congratulations are in order. ArchAuror snaggedmoon recently graduated from The University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA). Wish her well!

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Another Vacation

I will be in California from June 16-22. I will only have Internet access for the days that I am in Los Angeles (19-22). Please be patient because problems may take longer for me to resolve than normal.

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Fight "Until End"

Do you like the new -Automatic Fighting- option called "Until End", that simulates an entire battle for you? I added this feature at the request of EmmaDaBest, so you can thank her if you like it. ^_^

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The Clan Wars!

There are two teams; one dark, and one light, the team with the most points wins (there are prizes for the clans on the winning side)! Let the clan wars begin!!!

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Faster Speeds

Thanks to Alchemist Edmund The game should be running a bit faster now!

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VE Band Compromise

I have implemented Goddess Seductress' idea of having only three VE bands.
Do you like VE bands now?

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