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A Special Holiday Surprise

The Hogwarts Live staff and I worked very hard to release a new version of HL right before Christmas as it is a special time in the Harry Potter books.

There are some new additions such as the ability to ignore users in chat; and then there are some old features that have been fixed and returned...

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Like Hogwarts Live's Facebook Page

Hi All,

I've decided to close the Facebook Hogwarts Live RPG Group on Monday, December 19, 2011.

Instead, from now on please like and use our Facebook Page at:

It's rather confusing to have both a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. I figured it was...

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The 12 Days of HLmas Winners!

You voted and the winner is Sectumsempra! Her submission was Choice 1 - Twelve Trollers. She has won 25 new days!


Second: Carlylotti(Choice 3 - Twelve Raunchy Ads)
Third: Roku(Choice 4 - Twelve Free Portkeys)
Fourth: ZackBryant(Choice 2 - Twelve Loving...

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The 12 Days of HLmas Finals

All of the entries we received for the 12 Days of HLmas contest were really good!! We had a lot of fun reading (and singing) all of them ;)

Now it's YOUR turn to vote on your favorite! We have picked our top 4 choices for you to choose from. You may vote more than once (in case you change...

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The 12 days of HLmas


We have a new contest for this week, with the submission deadline being Saturday the 10th. It is short notice, but it is something that we just came up with.

The contest is called "The 12 Days of HLmas", basically you are rewriting the 12 Days of...

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