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Hogwarts Live is Back!

Hogwarts Live is back after its first unplanned outage in over a year. There's still some work to be done so if the site runs slower than usual or something to that effect don't worry as it'll only be temporary.

Everyone, thanks for your patience!

Update: We had to roll back the...

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Rule Reminder!

People have been neglecting rules lately, and its not just new players, so here is a summary of the rules:

No Cheating: This is pretty straight forward, don't try to hack the site, crack peoples passwords, or do anything that may harm HL. Don't use your own scripts. If you find a...

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Roleplaying Villages

It has come to our attention that the more hard-core roleplayers (RPers) are getting frustrated with interruptions and regular conversations by the non-RPers in the chats, so in order to try to alleviate the situation, we are making Godric's Hollow a ROLEPLAYING ONLY village. Since it is...

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Bald Eagle Pet

For a limited time you can now get the Balamp;d Eagle pet in the pet shop.

All Easter pets have been removed from the shop, they WILL still appear as you having them though.

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