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Can't we all just get along?

Enough is enough. People seriously need to chill out with your HL family/clan/coven whatever you would like to call it business. This is the internet, half of you are acting like its RL and a life or death matter. Its not. When this stuff first started it was all in good fun for the people...

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Cheaper Hogwarts Live T-Shirts + More Colors & Designs

I've added the custom Hogwarts Live T-shirts and other custom merchandise branded primarily with the Hogwarts Live crest to three more stores. I did this cause some people complained that the prices at Zazzle were too expensive. The Spreadshirt store is the the cheapest if that's what...

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Ideas for custom items in the Prefect's Lounge

As you may know you can exchange donator points in the Prefect's Lounge for special in-game advantages.

Currently there are things such as custom titles, custom weapons, custom armor, custom mounts, custom specialties, extra forest fights, extra gold, extra gems, etc. that can be traded...

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You can change your Hogwarts House after three months

I know in the books you're not allowed to change your Hogwarts House but since a lot of you are unhappy with your current house I re-added the ability for people to switch houses after being in their current house for three real time months. Yes, you have to wait three months to change...

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Howarts Live Webcomic Design Contest

Simply create a comic strip of a preferably humorous nature related to the goings-on at Hogwarts Live. Use any format you want.

The final image should be submitted as an attachment by February 1st to: [email hidden]

Please include your Hogwarts Live username/character...

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Hogwarts Live T-shirts and Custom Merchandise

Please check out the Hogwarts Live Custom Merchandise Store.

This store includes t-shirts and other custom merchandise pertaining to Hogwarts Live. Please respond with any suggestions or questions you have below.

Products are organized by categories as listed on the left side navigation. Most...

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House Holiday Tree Contest

Congratulations to Slytherin for winning the Holiday Tree Contest! They will have the House Championship buff for the remainder of the month!

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