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April is Autism awareness month.

In respect for my son and Autism awareness month here are some facts.
Facts about Autism

Did you know…
amp;1 in 150 children is diagnosed with autism (If this many kids were kidnapped then it would be a national emergency.amp;)
1 in 94 boys is on the autism spectrum...

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Live Chat/Firefox

Many players have petitioned or commented in chat about Live Chat not updating for them and it refreshing when they post. All of those users had been using Internet Explorer at the time, which is what causes it to not update quickly and post properly. So we suggest that you use Firefox while on...

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PayPal Donations

If you make a donation via PayPal please do not cancel it by contacting your credit card company, you have 10 days to dispute a charge on PayPal. If for whatever reason you wish to cancel a donation and have not used your points yet please do so using the PayPal site and I'll be more than...

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Let there be SPEED!!!!!

Hello everyone, as you can see, the site is running insanely faster. The network issue at the colo seems to be finally resolved which has helped a lot.

I will work on bringing most of the modules back online this weekend, as well as a special new module that I hope you will all love.


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