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New Guild Requirements

As part of the restructuring to make HL more efficient both speed-wise and resources-wise, guild requirements have been altered a bit.

A player still needs to be at least a Fourthyear in order to make a new guild, however...a guild MUST have at least 7 members IN ADDITION TO the...

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Yes, I know that everyone is getting stuck in Call Stack Errors. I have emailed Edmund and so we just have to be patient and wait until he can stop RL to come fix it for us. Please don't petition anymore.

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Dwellings Moved

As you have probably noticed, because some of the villages were removed, many people couldn't access their dwellings in them. Finally, we have moved all those dwellings to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade: all flats and shacks were moved to Diagon Alley, and all farmhouses and castles were...

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