New Guild Requirements

As part of the restructuring to make HL more efficient both speed-wise and resources-wise, guild requirements have been altered a bit.

A player still needs to be at least a Fourthyear in order to make a new guild, however...a guild
MUST have at least 7 members IN ADDITION TO the Founder in order for the vaults to appear and be accessible. If membership drops below 7, the vault disappears. ADDED: This also means that the auto-rewards will not be issued to guild members in a guild unless the membership is at or above the required 7. Guilds are not there for single players to amass their own personal fortunes.

I would suggest that leaders of smaller clans speak with other smaller clan leaders and work out some kind of merge operation.

Vessa's Gem Exchange has also been removed until further notice.

And as your one and only warning:

If you create alternate accounts for the sole purpose of reaching the required membership, your guild will be deleted and you will NOT get your gold or gems back. I WILL be checking guilds for this.

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