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PDA, Innuendos, and Fighting.

It seems that lately we have become very lack on the rule of PDA and innuendos. These rules that are normally ignored will not be anymore. No more of what has been happening will happen in public chat any longer. If you feel the need to do this then please stick to owls or ims. Because when you...

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Daylight Savings Time

Ok everyone, if you didn't need another reminder to set your clocks back an hour for Fall Back (End of Daylight Savings Time) then here is another one. Due to the time change of the Daylight Savings Time change, the server had some serious problems when it came to logging in and out of the...

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Witchy and myself have hidden a Halloween present around the site. Its is something that you will be able to keep after the holiday. Although it can only be bought until Halloween and then it gets taken off the market..
Happy Hunting.

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Donator Points, Email, & Reset

This is just a quick reminder, please note that all of your donator points will be completely refunded as unspent donator points (with a little extras) after the upcoming reset. Those of you who have a valid Email Address filled out under Preferences will receive instructions on how to...

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Administration Clarification

AuroraBorealis is the main player and staff liaison as well as head administrator, and WitchyWoman is the head of the staff. Meaning that AuroraBorealis has the final say on anything relating to the staff or players. This allows me to focus more on other aspects of the game instead of player...

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The past few weeks we have had to deal with people who give their passwords out. I am going to tell you that you will not receive anything that has been lost because you have done so. It is very unwise to give your password out to begin with, as you are held responsible for anything done on...

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Hogwarts Live Reset Delay

Please avoid from questioning staff concerning the exact date of the reset. Edmund and I have been very busy as of late and still have not had time to consult about our plans for the reset. We will be postponing the release date in order to better test out the new version and ensure that...

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