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Death Curses

With the harrasment going on with death curses. They have been removed. That is all I have to say.

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Final Nominations

These are the nominees who have past phase 1 of the screening process. If your name is listed below and you are willing to accept the responsibilities of a staffer, please owl me (the text of the owl can be a simple "YES"). These responsibilities are roughly outlined in the Code...

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An End to Nominations

Nominations will close on July 18th at 12:00 midnight (PST).

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Jobs, Christmas Trees, and Logout link.

Please stop sending in petitions concerning your Job Applications, the clan Christmas Trees, and the Logout link. The staff approves the job applications manually; we will be making this automatic in the near future. I just have not had anytime to look into it lately. The Christmas trees were...

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Whole lot of pages

One of the common questions about HogwartsLive is why it is so slow and why it costs so much to run. As a server administrator by trade I can tell you that most servers can handle a great number of sites without any problem. The "problem" is that HogwartsLive is just an incredibly...

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The Encyclopedia of Speculative Fiction

My apologies for the excessive downtime on our Hogwarts Live wiki over at:

I was able to fix everything today, so have fun! Also, please notify me of any further errors regarding any channel.

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Poor Reviews of Hogwarts Live

It has come to my attention that members of other Harry Potter roleplaying sites have been giving Hogwarts Live poor reviews on Alexa and other topsites due to typically extraneous features of the site such as layout, which in our particular case is optimized for performance (speed). Please do...

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Edmund and SerenityRose

This afternoon in a small but very lovely ceremony Barbara Garcia (SerenityRose) and Nicholas Moline (Edmund aka Me) were married. It was a very nice ceremony and we send sincere thanks to everyone who commented on, we love receiving those wishes!

We are now about to go on our...

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