Poor Reviews of Hogwarts Live

It has come to my attention that members of other Harry Potter roleplaying sites have been giving Hogwarts Live poor reviews on Alexa and other topsites due to typically extraneous features of the site such as layout, which in our particular case is optimized for performance (speed). Please do not engage in such juvenile activities with other Harry Potter sites as it is unbecoming of our users and reflects poorly on our community. We all love Harry Potter and should use that commonality to foster friendship rather than spiteful rivalry and discord. You may assist us in mitigating the sting of these biased ratings with your own subjective reviews of your experiences concerning this game. Thanks as always and sorry for the downtime today. I was on a road trip to Los Angeles, California; otherwise I would have caught it sooner.

You can review us on Amazon/Alexa via the link below:

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