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One of the common questions about HogwartsLive is why it is so slow and why it costs so much to run. As a server administrator by trade I can tell you that most servers can handle a great number of sites without any problem. The "problem" is that HogwartsLive is just an incredibly popular site, with tons of you signing on every single day.

This is not a bad thing, we are very grateful that there are so many of you enjoying HogwartsLive, and look forward to growing even larger, and are constantly working to make HogwartsLive faster and more reliable so that we can handle the incredible growth rate.

This said I have an announcement to make, HogwartsLive has never ceased to amaze me in just how many pageviews it gets in an average month (last month in June we received an amazing
22,558,769 pageviews (that means that if you count the number of times a web page on Hogwartslive.com, not including wizards.pro or anything else in last month it was over 22 million times!). That said, the incredible growth of HogwartsLive has reached a new plateau, on July 11th, 2006, we received 1,332,402 pageviews in a single day, marking the first time in HogwartsLive history that we received over 1 million pageviews in a single day!

Thank you members of HogwartsLive for making this site as powerful, fun, and amazing as it is today, and I look forward to announcing the first 2 million pageview day.

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