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Voting has now ended!

Here are your new Moderators:

auroraborealis 46
orchidarachnid 45
prettyginny 37
armandodippet 32
dharla 31
belgarad 28
keebler 27

PS: Hope you all enjoyed whatever respite you were given from work or school.

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Happy holidays to anyone who celebrates something!
Anyway, reelections have finished and the votes are in (you can check the staff list for further details):

!DeputyHeadmaster Errol

YES: 130 NO: 6

@ArchAuror Jodi

YES: 83 NO: 51

@Alchemist Katane

YES: 18 NO:...

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Election Time on Hogwarts Live

Hello students of Hogwarts Live its election time at our fair site so go to the forums and cast your vote. The voting is on the staff and a YES or NO by each name is all that is needed. We do not need any commentary on your vote or why you are voting that way. So if you don’t vote then you...

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Finals and Vacation

I have to devote my time right now to turning in late work, finishing up final projects and studying for exams. So please do not pester me with questions or things to fix till Wednesday, December 21. You still may send petitions and they will be marked appropriately by the other staffers. If...

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The war has ended!

Order of the Phoenix points: 58199
Death Eaters points: 42892

Thus ends the last of the Clan Wars. The new clan system will be implemented sometime in January.

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