Happy holidays to anyone who celebrates something!
Anyway, reelections have finished and the votes are in (you can check the staff list for further details):

!DeputyHeadmaster Errol

YES: 130 NO: 6

@ArchAuror Jodi

YES: 83 NO: 51

@Alchemist Katane

YES: 18 NO: 121

&Professor asmith

YES: 102 NO: 19

&Snowman Soceror

YES: 131 NO: 8

&DemonLord Titan

YES: 131 NO: 8

&Auror poptarts

YES: 121 NO: 10

&Auror celebcrazy

YES: 123 NO: 9

&Auror Uzlezz

YES: 93 NO: 41

&Auror MayeficentKostage

YES: 71 NO: 64

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