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Nominations have been closed.

All nominations have been closed, below appear the names that have passed the initial screening in alphabetical order:

1 Andy
2 AnEnglishGem
3 AngrielleAlthore
4 Asgarnia
5 AurorJen
6 BillieJoeIsCool
7 BlackHawk
8 Bugg
9 CanineDrillInstructor
10 Chicacha
11 Chirron
12 Christianna
13 Darkmaster

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Congratulations to the new staffers!

Here are your new staffers, please treat them with respect, as I'm sure they will treat you.

1 Andy
2 AurorJen
3 Christianna
4 Doxy
5 EragonShadeslayer
6 Fimblebottom
7 Ginny
8 hbprince
9 Rei
10 SerenityRose
11 ShadowMasterX
12 Witchywoman

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Administration Clarification

AuroraBorealis is the main player and staff liaison as well as head administrator, and WitchyWoman is the head of the staff. Meaning that AuroraBorealis has the final say on anything relating to the staff or players. This allows me to focus more on other aspects of the game instead of player...

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