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Server Outage Over and Announcement

First of all, I've just fixed the site as it seems that it was down for several hours today. I will be getting the new faster server operational this week, it should drastically reduce the liklihood of this happening again in the future.

In other, happier news, I wanted to take this...

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Edmund and SerenityRose

This afternoon in a small but very lovely ceremony Barbara Garcia (SerenityRose) and Nicholas Moline (Edmund aka Me) were married. It was a very nice ceremony and we send sincere thanks to everyone who commented on, we love receiving those wishes!

We are now about to go on our...

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Here's the deal...

The NEXT person to threaten another player over a stupid RP family is going to be banned. On Facebook, Skype, Yahoo...wherever.

This has gone on far too long. This is a GAME. If you depend so much on a fake family to make yourself feel so important and badass, get...

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Godric's Hollow

We added a new town as some people probably have noticed, please keep all family discussions there. Other players were having a hard time enjoying chatting on the game when HL families would come in and take over chats with with their bickering. This doesn't mean you can't say "Hey...

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Families, Family Discussions, and Godric's Hollow

Several years ago, our chats were being inundated with "will someone adopt me??????" posts, older players jumping all over new firstyears with questions like, "Do you have a mom or dad yet???" or "Do you want to be adopted????" and pages and pages of players...

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