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Donations for Points

Players if you are wanting to donate to HL For the points you MUST use the Site Admin button. If you use the Author button you WILL NOT get any points. HL does not receive that money. Soon there will be a new button making this easier to understand but in the mean time be...

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Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene made its way up the East Coast leaving devastation in its path, Irene has claimed over 20 lives so far. In New York State there are towns that are completely gone and will have to start over, many people have lost everything. People may be wondering why this matters, but it...

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Where do Hogwarts Live donations go?

Some of you have been wondering where the donations go. While this is explained fairly well in the Prefect's Lounge I want to do a week-to-week breakdown of the costs of running Hogwarts Live during the month of July 2011:

Week 1 - $103.20
Week 2 - $167.80
Week 3 - $133.51
Week 4 -...

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