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Site Address Change

Some of you may have experienced trouble logging in or a few other errors, this happened because Danilo switched the site address back to instead of There is no need to panic or send petitions about these errors.

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Staff Suggestions

We will be taking suggestions for new staff members until Saturday, May 5th. Please take into consideration the attitude of the player you are suggesting, their ability to follow the rules, how they treat other players, and if you know they have been banned before, do not suggest them.


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Special Pet's

Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday! The Killer Bunny of DOOM and a Baby Chick are available for a limited time only in the pet shop. :)

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And the winner is....

It's a tie! After multiple times counting(by multiple people), the votes were correctly counted as 35 for Option 1 and 35 for Option 2.

Option 1 - SmartWitchSarah

Option 2 - Hera

Thank you again to everyone who participated! Winners will be contacted shortly by staff.

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March Meme Madness


In honor of March Madness here on HL we are putting our own twist on it.

March Meme Madness

If you choose to participate, you need to make a meme about HL. The top 8 entries (selected by staff) will be...

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Schoharie High School

A few months ago we posted about Hurricane Irene and the damage it did across the east coast, and how it personally affected a long time player Tom. Another place that was majorly affected by this flood was Schoharie High School, where he graduated from.

Samsung is holding a contest and is...

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End Piracy, Not Liberty

Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House, would censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American business. Millions of Internet users and entrepreneurs already oppose SOPA and PIPA.

The Senate will begin...

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The 12 Days of HLmas Winners!

You voted and the winner is Sectumsempra! Her submission was Choice 1 - Twelve Trollers. She has won 25 new days!


Second: Carlylotti(Choice 3 - Twelve Raunchy Ads)
Third: Roku(Choice 4 - Twelve Free Portkeys)
Fourth: ZackBryant(Choice 2 - Twelve Loving...

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The 12 days of HLmas


We have a new contest for this week, with the submission deadline being Saturday the 10th. It is short notice, but it is something that we just came up with.

The contest is called "The 12 Days of HLmas", basically you are rewriting the 12 Days of...

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DO NOT REFER YOUR OWN ALTS. That is cheating. If you are caught your account that was the referrer WILL be locked, no exceptions. If you are caught having more than 4 accounts on your IP, the highest account(s) will be locked.

You are responsible for any activity that comes from your IP...

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