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Dwellings Moved

As you have probably noticed, because some of the villages were removed, many people couldn't access their dwellings in them. Finally, we have moved all those dwellings to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade: all flats and shacks were moved to Diagon Alley, and all farmhouses and castles were...

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Site problems and code pages

We are well aware that there are problems with the site, and people are getting code pages, call stack error pages, and white screens. PLEASE stop petitioning about them. Thank you.

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Ottery St. Catchpole: Spoiler Village

Because the seventh and final Harry Potter book was just released, we know a lot of people will want to talk about it. As you can see from the previous MoTD, if you talk about the book or movie or any spoiler in a public chat, you will be muted and/or banned.

To avoid this, we have created a...

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