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Harry Potter's Birthday

As you can see by our Countdown to HP's Birthday, the day is drawing near. In celebration of this, we are having not one, but two raffles!

To enter, simply click on Candy Raffle on the left and use all those Bertie Bott's Beans you've been saving to buy your tickets!

As always,...

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New Day Timer

The live new day timer which counts down until the new game day is not working right now. The game days are still set to be 1h 30m and that IS functioning correctly- just the time displayed is off.

Each village has an in-game clock however and so when that reads 12:00am (midnight) the new...

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Be Kind, Don't Spoil

Just a reminder, please don't talk about the new movie in open chat for a week or so, "OMG The Movie was Awesome" is ok, but please don't spoil anything. Yes the book has been available for 4 years, but there are people here who only watch the movies and haven't seen it...

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Reminder, Meet Me (Edmund), SerenityRose, and Others this Saturday!

Ok, I've done several MoTDs over the months on this, so you had to expect another. Any of you who are going to Azkatraz in San Francisco this coming weekend, be sure to stop by the HogwartsLive Flock meetup this Saturday night at 7 p.m.

Our meetup will be in the Mission II/Mission III room...

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Stop with the joke petitions. They are stupid and take time away from us that could be used to deal with people who have a real problem that needs to be fixed or a question that needs to be answered.

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