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Live Chat

Many players have petitioned or commented in chat about Live Chat not updating for them when they post. All of those users had been using Internet Explorer at the time, which is what causes it to not update quickly and post properly. So we suggest that you use Firefox while on here, the chat...

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Write Articles - Earn Donator and House Points

If any of you are interested in writing articles for donator points please send a writing sample to [email hidden] and I will send you the full details if I like your writing.

Points will only be awarded to well-written original articles that cite sources (Wikipedia is not a valid...

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T minus 10 days and counting...

You have less than 10 days left to enter the raffle to win an iPod on Harry's Birthday. Trade in those beans now.

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Site Rules

The Site Rules have been updated. Please be sure to read them as "Well I didn't know..." is not a reason to not follow them- especially for the older players.

You can find them in the FAQ on the left hand side.

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Today's Crash

I'm afraid today's crash took the accounts table with it, and I was forced to roll back to last night's backup of the accounts table, some VEs, leveling and new accounts may have unfortunately been lost. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please do not petition to get your stuff...

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Celebrate Harry's Birthday with a new iPod!

Be sure to check out the Candy Raffles for this month. We are celebrating the month of Harry Potter's birth by giving away a brand new iPod Shuffle! This Raffle will last through the month of July and the winner will be announced on Harry's Birthday!

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