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There were some crazy security vulnerabilities on the Network, I've made some updates and necessary bug fixes to the sites. You should not longer see the slew of PHP warning/error messages that were previously there. Also, if you create a new account you will have to have a minimum...

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Forest Creature Raffle Winners

Congratulations to Supreme Goddess ArielDumbledoreRiddle (Ticket 904) and
LichQueen DanielleJackson (Ticket 873) for winning the chance to have a forest creature named after them!

More raffles will be announced soon so keep collecting those beans!
(Sorry, Jen :P)

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New Candy Raffle.

There is a new 2 day raffle. It gives you the chance to get your own forest creature. There will be two winners.
Good Luck!!

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Congratulations to LillyAnnKnight

Congratulations to LillyAnnKnight for winning the latest candy raffle. There were 1,573 tickets sold which means LillyAnnKnight won a grand total of 3,146 donator points.


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!Edmund the Alchemist will be doing a server transfer tonight and Hogwartslive will be down for a little while. The issues from earlier today have been worked through. Have a good weekend.

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Raffle Winners

Hey everyone the contest winners have been decided - using atmospheric interference for randomness - so please take a look at the Candy Raffles shop for the winners. To all those who have won please owl me with the subject line Raffle Winner on your winning account/character and I will...

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