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Repeat Offenders *WILL* Be Prosecuted

Take a look at this message that was sent to the ISP of a repeat offender, (you do not want to break our rules):

To Whom It May Concern:

A person at this IP address: (Most recently:
Has been habitually harassing the staff and members of my website,...

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New Rule

People who have been banned in the past will not be even considered for staff appointment. This is final. This rule will NEVER be changed. There will be NO exceptions to this rule. I'm sorry to those players who have tried to change, but circumstances have forced me to establish a more...

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Should we allow repeat offenders to keep their accounts?

Should we allow repeat offenders to keep their accounts? That is after they have been permanently banned (which is really difficult to get) and decide they wish to change their ways? I consider cussing to be one of the most serious offenses that can be committed such as spam, sexual harassment, and...

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To all the students of Hogwarts Live:

On Monday August 15 we lost a fellow student, wonderful friend and great player of this game… Goddess Seductress or Sky as her friends knew her died from a sudden brain aneurism… Those that knew her loved her dearly and we cherished our time with her…
Try to be like Sky and be...

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Staff Appreciation Week

The staff (Alchemists & Aurors alike) do a lot!

Edmund helps me tons with server configuration and he walked me through the whole transfer of the data from one server to another. The other staff members also help me a lot with answering petitions, moderating the chat rooms, mediating...

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Welcome to the new server

Welcome everyone to the new and improved server. HogwartsLive and has been successfully moved to it's new home. We may still have more upgrades to come in the upcoming weeks to get it fully functional, but the server transfer itself is now complete.

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New Server Purchased

I just purchased the new server.
It currently has these specs:

AMD Anthlon Processor
80 GB Disk space
1 GB of RAM
2 TB Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth)

The transfer will be initiated later on today.

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T-Shirt Design Contest

The T-shirt design contest is still going on, check out the forums. Please note that I will tell you if I don't like your design or if I have ideas for making it better. If I don't reply it probably means I deleted it.

Thanks. :)

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Alas the war has ended.

The great war between Light and Dark has come to a close. Peace shall reign throughout the magical world, that is until the next war...

Light points: 93346
Dark points: 36591

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