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US Harry Released! is now available for public viewing. It is not finished so I need all the input and suggestions I can get!

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Where did the houses go?

Part of the reason a lot of people have been getting stuck is because of the houses. I removed them so that I can work out some bugs. Please do not owl/petition admins with problems like "where did something go?", if you get stuck make sure to tell us where you were right before you got...

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T-Shirt Design Contest


1 Free T-Shirt (we will ship to anywhere in the world)
+20 HP, +10 Attack, +10 Defense
1,000,000 gold (deposited into account at Gringotts)
150 gems (deposited into account at Gringotts)
500 points (to be used in the Prefect's Lounge)

The other top 5 entries will all get discounted...

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Why do you play?

Please select the main reason why you play this game.

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How old are you?

Please help HL by answering this poll honestly!

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