T-Shirt Design Contest


1 Free T-Shirt (we will ship to anywhere in the world)
+20 HP, +10 Attack, +10 Defense
1,000,000 gold (deposited into account at Gringotts)
150 gems (deposited into account at Gringotts)
500 points (to be used in the Prefect's Lounge)

The other top 5 entries will all get discounted T-shirts and custom titles prepended to their usernames!
All top 10 entries will receive gold, gems, points etc., just at lesser amounts than the 1st prizewinner!


Create an original piece of artwork by hand or on the computer that you would like to be displayed on the back of an HL T-shirt. All designs must have the term "www.HogwartsLive.com" somewhere on them. Send your attached designs to using the subject T-shirt. Acceptable image formats are jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp, psd, and raw. You may choose to compress your image using WinZip or a similar method of file compression (.rar or .bz2).
Your image must be large than 400 X 400 pixels!

Legal Issues:

Design entries may be used on T-shirts before winners are announced, any T-shirt submitted will be considered the property of HogwartsLive.com, we may even use your design if you don't win and you give us the right to use your submitted design on things besides T-Shirts like the Forest Specials or Mouse Pads. Entries with images or words that are not the property of the submitter (you can't use HP logo's or likenesses of HP characters or trademarked words like brand names) will be disqualified for violation of U.S. Copyright Law. Do not use the word "Hogwarts" except when used in the term "hogwartslive.com".

Contest entry deadline to be announced.
Post further question in the forum topic labeled "Fundraiser: T-Shirt Design Contest".

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