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Final Nominations

These are the nominees who have past phase 1 of the screening process. If your name is listed below and you are willing to accept the responsibilities of a staffer, please owl me (the text of the owl can be a simple "YES"). These responsibilities are roughly outlined in the Code...

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New Staffers

amp;Congratulations to the new staffers (listed in order of Support Rank*):

SpinalRemains - 24
Stardust - 16
AngelinaJohnson - 14
GloryTo - 12
Necrosis - 5
Alys - 4
CelestialSiren - 4

*Support Rank is a way to measure the current standing of staff members, it is based on a variety of...

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Point Removal Regulations

Now if you see a staff remove more or give more then what is listed here either Owl Edmund, Myself, Bellatrix, LilyAnnKnight, or SpinalRemains, or feel free to petition it. Now when you owl or petition it you need to include in the chat where they removed or given points from the person and that...

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