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New Server Purchased

I just purchased the new server.
It currently has these specs:

AMD Anthlon Processor
80 GB Disk space
1 GB of RAM
2 TB Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth)

The transfer will be initiated later on today.

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Vacation Time & Sincere Thanks!

I will be offline from Saturday, June 17th till Tuesday, June 29th due to longstanding plans to visit Haifa, Israel. Also, I will have limited access to the Internet from then till June 6th or 7th. This means I most presumably will not be able to answer your owls for that time period. Thank you...

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Happy Easter, Donation Drive - Win Fabulous Prizes!

Some of you may have experienced serious lag time during our peak hours of gameplay.

To answer the problems of the current server we use at HogwartsLive, we have pooled together and purchased a fantastic new server which will be up this coming week.

Due to our need for this faster server to...

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