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Fight "Until End"

Do you like the new -Automatic Fighting- option called "Until End", that simulates an entire battle for you? I added this feature at the request of EmmaDaBest, so you can thank her if you like it. ^_^

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VE Band Compromise

I have implemented Goddess Seductress' idea of having only three VE bands.
Do you like VE bands now?

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VE Bands

Do you want VE Bands?

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Free online RPGs

If I hosted some free online RPGs would you guys play them?

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Why do you play?

Please select the main reason why you play this game.

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How old are you?

Please help HL by answering this poll honestly!

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Do we keep these three new modifications? Vote here and post your comments in the forums, suggestions to improve these functions will be appreciated!

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How do you feel about the new changes to the game? There will be a lot more coming shortly. Brooms and Pets are on the way!

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New Features

What feature do you want most on Hogwarts Live? Some of these already exist but are down for now.

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What is your favorite Harry Potter fan site?

Sorry if your favorite fan site is not listed, these are just sites I find useful and use regularly.

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