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callstack errors

We know about the callstack errors they will be fixed as soon as possible please refrain from petitioning about them thank you.

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Server problems

we've had a major database crash. We've had to roll back all data 30 hours, as it was the last fully successful back up. All backups after that point have had something wrong with them. Edmund was able to save the user and stats information from a later backup about 14 hours ago. So he...

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Everyone knows that the FAQ is kind of lacking. So the staff thought it might be a good idea to ask YOU the Players what questions you think should be in the FAQ. If you have a question you see a lot of first year students asking then Petition it to the staff and we will take...

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Donations for Points

Players if you are wanting to donate to HL For the points you MUST use the Site Admin button. If you use the Author button you WILL NOT get any points. HL does not receive that money. Soon there will be a new button making this easier to understand but in the mean time be...

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One Year Anniversary

Most everyone knows that Edmund and I met here and fell in love. Everyone was really supportive of our Real Life Marriage. I think everyone should know that today is the one year mark Edmund and I have been married for one year today. It was all because of Hogwarts Live. Thank you to everyone and...

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Donator Point Raffle Winner

The winner of the Donator Point Raffle is ArchMagi CinnamonSpider with Ticket Number 871. There were 3,971 tickets sold in this raffle, which means the prize is 7,942 donator points.

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Friday the 13th Raffle winner

The winner of the Friday the 13th Raffle is Ticket Number 1844 won, which belongs to SimplyEvil Immortalis

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Interview with AuroraBorealis

We will be recording the interview with Aurora the evening of Sept. 2nd. If you have any Questions for her you must get them to me Before 5pm CDT on Sept. 2nd.

Also, we are having problems with Skype, so please do not try to send in voicemails there, if you would like to send in a voicemail for...

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