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Live Chat

We are aware that the chats are messing up. Edmund has been working on it and it should be resolved soon. If you are experiencing these problems, you can go into your Preferences and turn the live chat off. We will make an announcement when it has been fixed.

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Belated Congratulations

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, or whatever other holiday you celebrate. A belated congratulations to Poizun Acerbity who won the Hill of Beans Candy raffle and won an amazing 23,685 bertie botts beans!

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Site Rules

Since we are getting new players, I'm posting the site rules again so no one has any excuse to not follow them. This is the version used by all Staff so please do not question if it is not in another part of the site. And please be sure to read through them even if you think you already know...

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Hardware Upgrade

You may experience a short outage sometime in the next week as the server is upgraded with a new SATA Raptor Hard Drive. Hopefully, this will help speed up the site as well as prevent further crashes. Thanks again for your continued patience and support. I know how hard these errors have been...

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Upcoming Upgrade

I'll be upgrading HL very soon (i.e. tonight or tomorrow). There will be some small bugs you will have to worry about like PHP warnings after defeating monsters while traveling; the live chat will be temporarily down; and you won't be able to display your weapons and armor via your prefs...

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Hill of Beans Raffle!

Ok, sorry about the few hours of downtime today, you probably won't believe it, but it wasn't a database problem this time.

The server upgraded itself last night and for some reason when the normal cleanup scripts were run, php broke on re-entry!

The site is up now, and I've...

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Edmund says...

-says, "I'm removing less important modules until after the upgrade is done"
- :says, "Several of the secondary cities have been removed"
- :says, "As have a few of the simple stat bar things like display of charm and new day guages"
- :says, "New Days...

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Another Crash

The site experienced another crash yesterday. The accounts table was completely lost but Edmund was able to restore from the previous night's back-ups so all basic stats are from then. This is why you may be a lower level then what you were before logging out last, or your weapon/armor may...

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