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New Server Purchase!!!

Okay, I'm settled down now at my apartment in a suburb of San Francisco, California that shall remain unnamed. I still don't have a computer, Internet access (I'm at school), a cell phone, or a car for that matter so bare with me. I will try and get the new server by the second...

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I'm moving tomorrow.

I am moving to San Francisco on Thursday (July 7). I am returning my modem to Comcast later on today, so I will not have Internet access until I get to a computer in San Francisco. I will not be on very often until I get my new Apple PowerMac G5 in the mail, which might take anywhere from 1-3...

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The New Deputies... and more.

In case you haven't already noticed, yesterday, I updated the Deputy Nomination thread with the people who we've picked to have a chance to become a deputy. Now we have come to a decision, the new Deputies will be Barrister Titan and God Asmith.
Titan was nominated and Asmith was the...

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HL needs a new dedicated server!

We are going to be purchasing another dedicated server to speed up Hogwarts Live. Currently I am looking at two options. The first is to get a really powerful machine for a similar price as the current one. The second is to get another server similar to this one and use it to store the databases...

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Happy Independence Day America!

I suppose this day is to celebrate our victory over Britain, right? I won't get into my idea that no one can "win" a war right now, but I wanted to add this is also the Independence Day for the Philippines (I am half Filipino). In 1946 on July 4th, after 381 years of colonial rule...

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The Jail

Should we keep the Jail or should it be changed to allow certain things to happen?

PS: I wanted to let you guys know that I fixed the Boy's and Girl's Dorms.

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