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Free online RPGs

If I hosted some free online RPGs would you guys play them?

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I just won a nice scholarship!

The Art Institute of California - San Francisco just awarded me a sizeable scholarship for this website I entered:

This means I am definitely going to be moving.

I'm very happy and excited right now!

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Some things are missing!

Don't owl/petition the staff about missing items. We know they are missing.

Thank you.

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Upgrade Started

The upgrade has commenced. It is not yet complete though. I'm hoping to have all the missing sections of the site up by Monday. Some sections might be gone longer because I want to make sure they are stable. This will remove the need for people to petition for help so often.

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Hogwarts Live Upgrade

Hello everyone, I know you all have been anticipating the new upgrade of Hogwarts Live. It will be a stable release, meaning it will be virtually bug-free, and it will have a lot of new features to boot. The official release date is Monday, May 23, 2005. The site may go down periodically from...

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