Hogwarts Live T-shirt Slogan Ideas

So legally we can't put the word "Hogwarts" on a T-shirt (at least not ones we sell). So my idea was we could just use HL. And if someone asks you can tell them what it stands for (if you want to).

Please note that these are just the slogans, design ideas haven't even crossed my mind yet (basically each T-shirt will say HL on it somewhere, most likely the back). So here are the Hogwarts Live T-shirt slogans that have been spread around the site over the years:

Front: Reality Bites
Variants: Reality Sucks, Bored?, Bored with reality?

So much tastier than Wheaties
Varient: Newbies

The Prescription Drug Cure
Not for the feint of heart.
HL may be addictive.

The Teenager's Playground

In real life I play HL

I'm Happily Married

Sleep? Who needs it?

Wonder what the kid who sits alone during lunch does in his spare time?

Don't have a life?
That's alright neither do I...

The Dark Lord is waiting...

Homework? What's that?

Kill em' while they sleep

Gotta kill em' all

You're looking at him.

When life is getting me down I kill firstyears.

Got HL?

It puts the awesome in awesome.

Its one #@#$% up RPG.

And my all-time favorite T-shirt idea:
Headmaster Danilo Fangirl For LifeTM

UPDATE: I've posted some of the designs up on the Hogwarts Live Custom Merchandise Store.

So what do you all think any suggestions?

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a78bfe989810c38 • Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 8:45pm • #1

"Oops, I killed that chat...Eh, it'll grow back."

Hehe, not a very good one.

"Winner of the 2010 Randomness award!"

Which I am. So says SapphirePhoenix!

(Front) "Firstyball!" (Back)*Picture of firsty getting slamdunked.*

Supreme God Dominic • Saturday, January 22, 2011 - 4:11pm • #2

HL:...Favorite words,"LMAO"

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