6. Spam/Advertising. We define spam as useless and repetitive posting. We generally we do not mute for this, unless you do it over and over. Players that are RPing and posting what they are doing is NOT spam UNLESS they keep repeating themselves.

-Posting such things as "shsdfgesrhshsryery" or "Hiiiiiiiii!!!!!! are spam. We have a GENERAL guideline of using only 3 of the same letters/numbers/characters or words in a row. Using too many strung together can stretch the page for some players and for those that use a screen reader, it can cause problems. If you continue to post this way after repeated warnings, you can be muted.

-All caps in one or two posts is FINE. Using it every post isn't.

-Do not advertise other websites in chat or in owls. If you want to advertise your website, use the Link Exchange.

-Discussions about other websites is considered advertising and is also prohibited in chat. If you need to discuss something pertaining to ABCWebsite, GO to ABCWebsite and discuss it.

-If you are reported by several players with evidence that you are randomly owling them websites, you will be banned.



NOT warn other players if they use 4 or 5 of something in a row. Only if they post Hiiiii!!!!!!! or something SIMILARLY EXCESSIVE may you warn/dock points/mute for it. Everyone is getting way too into this spam thing and it's getting out of control.

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